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J1 Student Support Center

Our company assists international students form various European, Asian, South American, and African countries, who come to the United States as the participants in the Work/Travel USA program. We do everything to make students` visit affordable and rewarding.

Jobs and Job Offers

We provide help in finding qualified employers and arranging for valid job offer for the participants of the Work/Travel USA Program. However, helping with seasonal job offers and J-1 visas is only a small part of our service. J1 International Support Center is a great solution to many other problems that may come with the participation in the Program. We offer complete support to our Work and Travel participants regarding their seasonal employment, housing and travel. Every Work/Travel student gets whatever help she or he needs so that parents (and coordinators) should not worry about getting a valid seasonal job and an inexpensive place to stay.

Most of our employers are located on Coastal New Jersey, however, many are located in California, New York, Virginia, Montana and many other states.

Aiport Pick-up & Transfer

Our specially trained counselors can pick up students at the airport and deliver them to their new home and job opportunities. We will also make sure that the W&T participants have all the necessary information regarding their work and new home.

Student Trips to Niagara Falls

We organize inexpensive trips to the most spectacular destinations in the USA. Trips are offered to Niagara Falls, Washington, Boston, and other famous places. We generally serve students on New Jersey Shore. However, if you have a group, please do not hesitate to contact us for special arrangements.

We wish everybody an enjoyable and rewarding American Summer! Bookmark and Share